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Hello everyone!!

I am finally settled on-board the MV Explorer for SAS. My roommate is James from Boulder. RIVALS!! But, I think that we can put our rivalry behind us and move forward on this amazing voyage. I have met many friends and think that I am really going to like this ship. Colorado has the 2nd highest enrollment on the ship, with California beating us. I have only met two students from CSU however, the majority of the students from CO are from Boulder. Everyone on the ship is super nice, except for the small percentage of girls that still think we are in High School and NEED to form their cliques and gossip about everything. I cannot wait for this life-changing experience! Just these few hours aboard has opened my mind to a lot of new things. There are about 4 girls for every guy on this trip, which will make it interesting to see what unfolds. I leave from Nassau tomorrow at Noon because we had to wait on some students that were stuck in Florida awaiting their passport. I will post pictures soon-hopefully. The ship gives us minutes for the internet, so I do not want to use them all up within the first couple days because of the amount of time the photos take to upload. If nothing else I will post pictures when I am in port where I can find WiFi. If you wish, and I would greatly appreciate it, you can email me at michael.vincent.s12@semesteratsea.org because I can email you back without using my minutes. The ship is beautiful, and my room is actually pretty big considering we are on a cruise. I will post more later. I miss my home in Fort Collins, and my baby Mary Jane, but I am sure in a few days I can get over my homesickness and move forward on this awesome voyage. There are a lot of students who say they "don't care about Facebook, email, or blogs" but I say to them (in my mind) that they must not love their family or friends very much to keep them updated on their lives. I love you all too much to not keep you updated on my voyage, so I will never forget to post on this.

Lots of Love!!

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More of the Bahamas

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The Bahamas

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Hello Nassau

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I arrived in Nassau today around noon. My first impression of this place is not fantastic, but also not horrible. It is quite obvious that tourism is a main source of income for The Bahamas economy. It is almost disgusting to see the conglomeration of rich and poor. There is no middle-class, at least not that I have noticed, but instead it is clear that the poor (the native Bahamians) serve the rich (white tourists) on this small island. As you drive through the narrow streets on Nassau you will see many gorgeous homes, many with large white pillars, statues, shutters, and beautiful gardens. But right in their backyard, or next door, there are abandoned construction projects, trash, graffiti, and run-down homes that really show the difference in the poor and the rich. The rich are those who come here to tour and have the locals serve them. I do wish to learn more about the history of the Bahamas, and how the locals live in this economy. The island is gorgeous, and the resort is not bad. I plan to learn more about this culture before I leave for my cruise so that I can have a better understanding of island communities and the mix of tourism. I have already learned a great amount of global tourism with my first stop, and I expect my attitude and ideals to be changed by the end of my voyage. On a brighter side, the beach has perfect white sand, music, and of course clear turquoise water. I have also spent a great amount of time meditating on the fact that I will be traveling "alone" for 4 months. Sitting in the airports I saw many students my age traveling alone, and they seem to be doing great, so I am sure I will as well. I have just never traveled alone, especially into foreign countries, and it is a little scary. This entire trip so far has reminded me of the novel by Jamaica Kincaid, "A Small Place." The novel takes place in Antigua, however, I think there are many similarities in her novel or touring in Antigua to touring in The Bahamas. I strongly recommend that you read it on your free time, it is only 80 pages and one of the greatest novels to read before one leaves to another country. I will post again before I leave for my voyage, but for now, know that I am safe, enjoying myself, and of course missing all my friends and family. Love you all!


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Take a Tour

MV Explorer

Bonjour mes amis! I have posted this link that gives a tour of the MV Explorer, the ship I will be on for the next few months. This is a video of the current voyage and it sort of gives an idea of what I am to expect as a student on Semester at Sea. Enjoy!

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